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Computer Maintenance is an important activity for computer users which is often overlooked. If you are using computer for sometime and never done any maintenance activity for it, there are good chances that you may get computer problems.

Our site offers quality tutorials, computer maintenance tips & tricks and a complete troubleshooting guide to maintain your computer in top notch.

Activate God Mode in Windows

God Mode contains virtually all configurable settings in a single place for user to access it. Our tutorial shows how to harness the power of God Mode.

How to Find Virus in your Computer

Step by step instructions to find if your computer has been infected by computer virus.

How to Remove Virus from Computer

Is your computer slow, hangs or freezes, may be your computer has been infected by virus. We show you step by step process to clean the virus if your computer is infected.

How to buy Computer Power Supply Unit (PSU)

Computer Power Supply is an essential component which is often given less attention, when buying. Even a slight deviation from the acceptable voltage, can cause damage to your computer components. Such an important component is often not given the attention it required.

How to Remove and clean CPU Fan

CPU fan is a important component to dissipate the heat generated by the Processor. But in long run, it becomes clogged with dust and efficiency of heat dissipation becomes less. This often leads to over heating of processor, which may cause freezing problems and even lead to random shut down.

Building vs Buying a Computer

One of Biggest Confusion on your first computer is to decide on building or buying a computer. It's obvious that everyone will opt for buying a computer from a trusted manufacturer so that they don't have to worry about the Warranty problems. But there are many advantages on building your computer.

How to Open Command Prompt from any folder

Opening the Command prompt from the RUN option takes you to the C:\Users\<username> path. It will be frustrating to navigate to the required path from that default path. Here's a alternative to open Command Prompt from any folder.

Install Windows 8 on a New Partition

Have you ever wondered to Install Windows all by yourself and save the amount you pay to the computer technician. Installing Windows 8 is easiest of all the Windows Installation and its fun too. You can learn about Windows installation and can select your own Computer Name, a Unique User Name & User Photo.

How to Clean Your Computer Keyboard by Removing Keys

As keyboard is extensively used, it is prone to attract dust and to accident spillage of liquids. It takes only a little effort to clean your Keyboard, which ensures life of keyboard.

How to Clean Your Optical Drive

The Optical Drives in your computer require constant cleaning than any other part of your computer. A good CD lens cleaner kit will do the job for you, but this workshop shows how you can open your CD/DVD drive and clean the Lens manually.

How to Clean Computer Power Supply

Cleaning your Computer Power Supply becomes critical as it may attract dust during the long run. Power Supply is a critical component in your computer as it supplies power all the components in your computer. If a power supply fails to supply power to other components you may face mysterious freezing problems and errors, even total shut down of your Computer.

Computer Overheating Problems- How to Prevent it

Computer Overheating, is the main cause for the frequent computer restarts, mysterious computer freezing problems and many more. Keeping your computer in a cool, working temperature is extremely important, as it can have a direct impact on your computer performance.

Installing Windows 7

Step by step guide for installing Windows 7.

Installing Windows Vista

Installing Windows Vista is a bit easier than Installing previous versions versions of Windows. Since its best to install Windows Vista from scratch, I ve given New Installation of Windows in this guide.

Ten Things to backup when reinstalling Windows

Have you decided to format your computer, due to slow processing or some crappy thing happened to your computer. Well formatting windows was a troublesome task, with Windows 95/98. After advent of modern Windows versions, it has became a easy task. Formatting your computer means wiping out every piece of data present in your computer and to start fresh from the scratch. If you have saved any pictures, or any data, that is gone forever... Read More

New Installation of Windows XP

Installing Windows is not a rocket science, as this can be done by anyone who knows little about the computer. This guide gives the step by step information on how to install Windows XP to your computer... Read More

How to change the Boot Priority to CD/DVD Drive for installing Windows

When you want to format your windows or when you assemble your computer, you need to Boot your computer from CD/DVD/BD or any USB disk. The CD/DVD you have should be a bootable disk for the booting to be complete. Having a bootable disk does not allow you to boot... Read More

Three Ways to reset your BIOS

Is your Latest BIOS tweak made your computer to restart or does not even start or did you Forgot your BIOS password? No Problem! You can reset your BIOS.. Read More

How to open your computer and clean the dust that has been accumulated inside

Many Problems such as freezing of computer, restarting are caused by dust and other unwanted things accumulating inside your computer. This decreases the heat dissipation and blocks air circulation inside your computer. This causes the processor to over-heat... Read More

How to start your PSU(Power Supply Unit) manually without the computer by Paper Clip

Ever Wondered how to start your PSU manually without the use of motherboard. Check this tutorial to learn how to start PSU manually by using Paper Clip.... Read More

How to test your PSU using Multimeter

Is your computer restarts or freezes unnecessarily during heavy load. It might be due to the faulty PSU which might fail to deliver the required voltage during the heavy load... Read More

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